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cheap tyres in tiverton

Cheap Tyres in Tiverton

Our professional team at Marsh Tyres know everything there is to know about tyres. We are able to offer advice on a range of tyre options to suit your budget and requirements as well as being able to answer any tyre related queries you may have.

If you’re looking for specialist tyres, run flats or any other tyres that aren’t commonly found then give us a call. We can source and brand and size of tyre for next day fitting.

We can provide immediate quotations over the phone and you’ll be amazed by our unbeatable value! We’re so proud of our unbeatable value that if you find a cheaper quote elsewhere, we will guarantee to match any genuine like for like quotation. You won’t find cheaper than Marsh Tyres!

Call us today for the best priced quote in Tiverton on 01884 250 158

Winter Tyres & 4x4 Tyres
Looking for a bit of extra grip? We are able to source a range of winter tyres that give improved grip when the temperatures are below 7C as well a variety of more rugged off-road and all-terrain tyres for 4x4’s and off-road vehicles.

Four Wheel Alignment

We can carry out both 2 and 4 wheel alignment on the very latest vehicles, we’ve got it covered.

Brakes and Exhausts

Highly skilled technicians at Marsh Tyres can carry out a visual inspection, includes checking your brake pads.

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Marsh Tyres are your family-run, fast-fitting tyre specialist run by Mathew Haynes and Amy Haynes.

We are Kumho Tyre Specialists

Kumho Tyres are a South Korean manufacturer that continues to produce quality tyres at an affordable, price-performance ratio as they have done since the 1960’s. The company have a rich history of motorsport and motor racing, with their tyres having been a part of the Le Mans 24 Heures ever since. The fact that Kumho has established their brand as one of the top 10 greatest tyre manufacturers in recent years shows that Kumho Tyres have proven themselves to be a high performance, good value tyre on road going cars too.
Top grip with Kumho Tyres
Kumho Tyres show improved rolling resistance, hence a very high smoothness when running. Additionally, Kumho tyres excel with good grip in dry and wet conditions and very precise steering behaviour. Thanks to the tread pattern design moisture is dispersed very well, which significantly improves road safety and avoids aquaplaning.
Kumho Accidental Damage Warranty
Using the most advanced manufacturing technologies available ensures that every Kumho product is of the highest standard. Each Kumho tyre undergoes the most stringent testing to ensure the highest standards of quality are achieved.

In order to guarantee that motorists get the most out of their Kumho tyres, we are delighted to offer an optional ‘Accidental Damage Warranty’ with every Kumho tyre purchased.


It’s not always obvious that there is something wrong with your exhaust until it’s too late and your left either stranded at the roadside or your car sounding a little worse for wear!

At Marsh Tyres we offer a FREE exhaust check carried out by our team of skilled vehicle technicians while your tyres are being fitted. This includes a full inspection for any corrosion, loose baffles, cracks, excessive noise, leaks, joint failures as well as checking the condition of studs and brackets and for any excessive impact damage.

If any damage is found we can advise you on the next steps and carry out any exhaust repairs that may be required if necessary.

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"If you’re looking for specialist tyres, run flats or any other tyres that aren’t commonly found then give us a call. We can source and brand and size of tyre for next day fitting."

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